Haz:is he gay, matteydaddy:idk im not going to go up to the dude and say hey can u tell me if your gay.
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Tata:yay, haz:y would it only be me and you that would be awkward.Justgotthemoney:yea it would, matteydaddy:ok so ignore me when i say i just saw the hot new cashier down at McDonald's.Haz:well fuck my life, justgotthemoney:wat happend, matteydaddy:im bored wait u guys were talking sorry i wont be looking to c wat u guys r talking about.Matteydaddy:i was joking yesterday, tata:here i come harry, haz:u to Justin.URL: m/tagged/kik_chat, beschreibung:A place for Tagged members to put their KIK id's and find like minded people to chat with.Matteydaddy:I'll take it, haz:hurry and get his kik, promoted stories.Haz:yea tata can i have a hug.Justgotthemoney:harry wanna go out for ice cream.Haz:ok flirt with him and get his kik or nvm get his kik.By Continuing to browse this site you permit us and our partners to place identification cookies in your browser and agree to use of cookies to identify you for marketing.
Tata:me too, justgotthemoney:me third, matteydaddy:r all of u mad at me or is it just harry.
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Matteydaddy:I'll try if i do get his kik can i b off your not talking to list.
Matteydaddy: come on, justgotthemoney:but i guess i can come.Justgotthemoney:i was going to let u guys have yout moment.To continue publishing, please remove it or upload a different image.This image does not follow our content guidelines.Haz:not yet but u would have made progress.View, sponsored @HookupJane 7 followers video-chat mit zufälligen mädchen kostenlos 97 pts 2 years ago 5 followers 3 pts 1 streamate archiv promotion year ago 0 followers 3 pts 8 months ago 0 followers 1 pts 2 years ago 1 followers 1 pts 1 year ago 4 followers 1 pts 1 year ago.Kategorie: -, sprache:English, zugriff:Öffentlich, zuletzt aktiv: Beiträge:4.Haz:we look hot i would.Haz:thanks, tata:oh look at us, oops!Haz:of course can tata come, tata:yea can i, justgotthemoney:i was hoping it was only me and u but.Matteydaddy:harry do u want a hug.Siteye tklayarak veya giderek, Facebook'ta ve Facebook'un dnda çerezler araclyla bilgi toplamamza izin vermi olursunuz.Yararlanabileceiniz kontroller ve daha fazlas hakknda bilgi aln: Çerezler lkesi.