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Each answer in the 16-question survey is assigned a point value.User Reviews, review scores are calculated using weighted reviews collected from GetApp and its sister sites, Software Advice and Capterra.Five points are awarded for the presence of each app, with an additional 10 points awarded for the number and average rating of reviews in both the App Store and Google Play.The methodology calculates the percentile ranking for each product relative to all other products in the software category that have qualified for inclusion.Products are assessed according to how many of those pre-defined features they offer, and products with more features receive a higher score.
GetApp's Category Leaders graphic identifies leading cloud-based software products in the Live Chat software category.
External Usage Guidelines when referencing Category Leaders content.
The scoring then calculates the percentile ranking for each product relative to all other products in the software category that have qualified for Category Leaders consideration.
We use this data to calculate a product's percentile ranking, which allows us to determine how products compare relative to one another rather than determine an absolute number.
All told, a vendor can receive up to 10 points based on user ratings and up to 10 points based on the features assessment for a total maximum score of 20 for functionality.TabooLittleBoo's Spotlight, tabooLittleBoo may look small, but she has a huge appetite for naughty fetishes while Chaturbating.Since Category Leaders is intended to cover the Live Chat market at large, individual analysts use their market experience and knowledge, existing market-based research, and small business software buyer needs analysis to assess an application's suitability for a given category depending on whether it can.Agents get productivity tools that help them solve more problems in less time.M is available in several editions geared towards am besten random cam chat small business teams or large enterprise support centers that need customization and integration.Security, Trust Assurance Registry, supplemented by the expertise of our security research experts.A score out of 100 is given, then scaled to a score out of 5 for a maximum of 5 points.Fifty percent of the score is based on average user ratings on a scale from 1 to 5 of how satisfied users are with the products functionality.What makes a product eligible for Category Leaders?Mobile Platforms, mobile scores are calculated based on the availability of an iOS and Android app.

Optional features: reporting and analytics, surveys and feedback forms, mobile chat support, file transfer, chat monitoring, chatbot options, multi-language support, help desk integration, ticket management, callback scheduling, video support, and social media integration.