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Users in easy way on your site and offers unique features based on different versions: Peer-to-peer html5 video chat (Requires https) Videoconference for multiple users (Requires https) Skype bridge Live support chat and chat help desk Private messaging system Integrated ticketing management Social login with.Chat in a browser tab at your desk or take it with you on your tablet or phone.You should see your chat like the demo below.Pawel Lesniak, apsou Video Chat, free Chat, michail Dimitriou humindo.Also, pasted URL s will turn into links.JChatSocial is the new generation chat app to communicate and share data with other Joomla!Support Got a question about?If you use a hash tag, it automatically turns them into channel links, like #hey.
If you paste a link to an image, it will show the image inline.
Entering a channel name is optional, but makes it easier to remember.
All data exchanged by the chat application is streamed on your Joomla site, this enforce security and allow you to be the only owner of your chat application and user informations.New html5 features are today available kostenloser chat für singles to take advantages of Peer-to-peer data stream with high performance directly between browsers, and the Skype bridge works also on mobile devices that use Skype App, this means that you can use JChatSocial on your device and start Skype.Free Chat grri, pozzito Live Chat, paid download Chat, pozzito.Turn every conversation into an unforgettable chat experience with our video chat software.Stop using old Flash-based, hosted and expensive solutions.The chat system is fully non-hosted, this means that you can reduce expensive costs due to providers that offer chat application running on their servers.

Add now a native html5 HD video chat to your site without needs of hosted or Flash based solutions.
Users that are not connected will be notified by email that new messages have been delivered, and they will be able to connect and answer even using a mobile device.