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In any case, "Although the Old Angel is a 'modern' brick building as the Nottingham Caves Survey describes the pub on its website, "an investigation of the caves below reveals stone walls belonging to an earlier incarnation.
Laser scan showing the umbilical connection.Best of all, David generously organised an entire day's worth of explorations, going down into many of the city's underground spaces with David himself as our guide.As Waltham explains, "Nottingham has so many caves quite simply because the physical properties of the bedrock sandstone are ideal for its excavation." The sandstone "is easily excavated with only hand tools, yet will safely stand as an unsupported arch of low profile.".Mortimer's Hole, courtesy of the, nottingham Caves Survey.Ideally, once the Survey's extensive catalog of 3D visualizations and laser point-clouds has been made available and the app is ready for public download, you will be free cam frau able to walk through the city of Nottingham, smartphone in hand, revealing in all of their serpentine complexity.Some are currently scheduled monuments and are of great local and national importance.Countries united Kingdom nottingham, next peter153 man.o.For anyone who has ever dreamt detroit lions chat räume of putting on x-ray glasses and using them to explore architectural space, this app promises to be a thrilling and vertiginous way to experience exactly thatpeering right through the city to see its most ancient foundations.Trip to Jerusalem pub.
The air there is cloudy with sandleading me, several days later, to experience an absurd attack of hypochondria, worried about developing silicosis the walls are graffiti'd, and years of trash are piled on the sides of the sandy floor (which has since taken on the.
With any luck, the work of David Strange-Walker, Trent Peak Archaeology, and the Nottingham Caves Survey will help bring this extraordinary region of the earth the attentionand, importantly, the focused conservationit is due.
Rather than kicking off our visit with a pint, however, we simply walked inside to see how the pub had been partially builtthat is, expanded through deliberate excavation into the sandstone cliffside.
We headed back outside, where afternoon rain had begun to blow in, and David introduced us to the sandstone cliff itself, pointing out both natural and artificially enlarged pores pockmarking the outside.Nottingham Caves Survey to learn more about the organisation's ambitious subterranean laser-scanning project, visiting many of the caves in person."All caves that can be physically accessed will be surveyed with a 3D laser scanner the Survey adds, "producing a full measured record of the caves in three dimensions.Another great place where you can check out loads of pix video of Glenn's tours is in the.Leaving the mall behind, and maintaining a brisk pace, David took us further into the city, where our next stop was the Old Angel Inn, another pub with an extensive cellar of caves, in this case accessed through a deceptively workaday door next.My mind was already somewhat blown by this, to be honest, though it was only the barest indication of extraordinary spatial experiences yet to come.For further reading, don't miss Nicola Twilley's write-up of the tour on her own blog, Edible Geography.The city sits atop a labyrinth of human-carved spacessome of them hugeand it will quite simply never be certain if archaeologists and historians have found them all.

At this point, we began to joke about the ease with which it seemed you could plan a sort of speleological super-heist, breaking into shops from below, as an entire dimension of the city seemed to lie unwatched and unprotected.
In a nutshell, David has managed to make the subterranean 3D laser-scans of the Nottingham Caves Survey accessible by location, such that, holding up his iPod Touch, he demonstrated that you could, in effect, scan the courtyard we were standing in to see the caves.